Yousuf Name Meaning In Urdu

Yousuf Name Meaning In Urdu


یوسف نام کا مطلب ہے “خدا بڑھائے گا” یا “وہ اضافہ کرے گا”۔ یہ نام فراہمی، برکت اور الہی رضا کے معانی رکھتا ہے، امید کی علامت ہے کہ نیکی، ترقی اور خوشحالی میں اضافہ ہو۔


Lucky ColorGreen
Lucky GemAquamarine
Lucky DayThursday
Lucky MetalSilver
Lucky Number3


Yousuf Name Meaning In English



The name Yousuf has a rich history and deep significance in various cultures around the world. From its meaning to its association with religion and astrology, Yousuf is a name that carries a sense of tradition and symbolism. In this article, we will explore the multifaceted aspects of the name Yousuf, delving into its meaning, religious significance, famous personalities associated with the name, historical context, and its astrological attributes.



The name Yousuf has its origins in the Semitic languages, particularly in Hebrew and Arabic. In both languages, Yousuf (or Yusuf) means “God will increase” or “He will add.” This name carries a sense of abundance and blessings, signifying the hope for an increase in goodness, prosperity, and divine favor.



In Islamic tradition, Yousuf holds a special place as the name of a prominent figure in the Quran. Yousuf, known as Joseph in the Bible, is revered as a prophet and is the central figure in the story of Joseph and his brothers. His tale is one of resilience, faith, and forgiveness, making the name Yousuf highly esteemed among Muslims.


Famous Personality

One of the most famous personalities associated with the name Yousuf is Yousuf ibn Tashfin, a Berber warrior and the founder of the Almoravid dynasty in North Africa and Al-Andalus. His military prowess and leadership left a lasting impact on the history of the region, and his name became synonymous with strength and valor.



The historical significance of the name Yousuf can be traced back to ancient times, with its roots in the Middle East and North Africa. The story of Yousuf, as depicted in religious texts and folklore, has contributed to the enduring popularity of the name across different cultures and regions.


Currently Population

The name Yousuf continues to be widely used in various countries, particularly in the Muslim-majority nations of the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa. Its popularity transcends borders, and it is embraced by diverse communities around the world.


Astrological Sign

Those named Yousuf fall under the astrological sign of Pisces. Pisceans are often described as compassionate, intuitive, and imaginative individuals. They are known for their empathy and artistic inclinations, traits that resonate with the meaning of the name Yousuf.


Lucky Stone

The lucky stone associated with the name Yousuf is the aquamarine. This serene blue gemstone is believed to bring peace, clarity, and protection to those who wear it, aligning with the harmonious qualities symbolized by the name Yousuf.


Lucky Metal

The lucky metal for individuals named Yousuf is silver. Silver is associated with purity, wisdom, and emotional balance, reflecting the virtues that the name Yousuf embodies.


Lucky Day

Thursday is considered the lucky day for those named Yousuf. It is believed that endeavors initiated on this day are blessed with success and prosperity, making it an auspicious time for individuals with this name.


Lucky Number

The lucky number for Yousuf is 3. This number is associated with creativity, communication, and optimism, reflecting the positive energy that the name Yousuf represents.


Lucky Color

Green is the lucky color for individuals named Yousuf. This color symbolizes growth, harmony, and renewal, aligning with the hopeful connotations of the name Yousuf.



Yousuf Name Meaning In Urdu

In conclusion, the name Yousuf carries profound meanings, religious significance, and astrological associations that have contributed to its enduring appeal across cultures and generations. From its roots in ancient languages to its representation in religious texts and historical narratives, Yousuf remains a name that embodies hope, abundance, and spiritual resonance. Whether as a historical figure, a beloved prophet, or a cherished family member, the name Yousuf continues to evoke a sense of reverence and admiration, making it a timeless and cherished name for many.

Yousuf Name Meaning In Urdu

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