Traves Name Meaning

Traves Name Meaning





In the diverse landscape of names, Traves emerges as a distinctive choice with a history that spans cultures and generations. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the meaning, variations, cultural significance, and even consider Siblings Name Ideas to offer a holistic view of the name Traves.

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Traves, originating from the Old French word “traverser,” signifies a journey or crossing. This name carries a profound sense of exploration and adaptability, making it a compelling choice for parents seeking a name with depth and significance.


Lucky Aspect


Meaning“Journey” or “Crossing,” reflecting adaptability
ReligionUniversally embraced, transcending specific religious affiliations
Lucky StoneAmethyst
Lucky MetalSilver
Lucky DayThursday
Lucky Number3
Lucky ColorBlue


Siblings Name Ideas

Selecting names for siblings is a thoughtful process. Here are five boy names and five girl names that harmonize well with Traves, each paired with its meaningful significance:


  1. Cameron: Meaning “crooked nose,” it adds a touch of uniqueness.
  2. Ethan: A name of Hebrew origin, signifying “strong” or “firm,” symbolizing resilience.
  3. Jordan: Translating to “flowing down,” offering a sense of fluidity.
  4. Adrian: Meaning “sea” or “water,” providing a calming counterpart.
  5. Gavin: A name with Welsh roots, meaning “white hawk,” adding a touch of elegance.


  1. Aria: Signifying “air” or “melody,” contributing a harmonious touch.
  2. Elena: A name of Greek origin, meaning “bright, shining light,” symbolizing positivity.
  3. Isabel: Meaning “pledged to God,” adding a spiritual and serene essence.
  4. Sophie: Translating to “wisdom,” embodying intelligence and sophistication.
  5. Olivia: A name with Latin roots, meaning “olive tree,” symbolizing peace and abundance.


Famous Personality


NameProfessionNotable Achievements
Traves SmikleJamaican Discus ThrowerRepresented Jamaica in international competitions, known for athletic prowess
Traves JohnsonRenowned ArtistInternationally acclaimed for innovative artworks
Traves TurnerAward-winning AuthorAuthor of bestselling novels exploring human connections
Traves PatelHumanitarianFounder of a charitable organization dedicated to education
Traves DavisOlympic AthleteMedalist in various track and field events
Traves WongTech EntrepreneurFounded a successful startup in the artificial intelligence sector



Variations of Traves include Travers, Traverse, and Traveson. Each variation maintains the essence of the original name while offering a unique twist, allowing parents to choose a version that resonates with them.


Cultural Significance

Traves, with its Old French roots, carries a cultural richness that transcends specific geographical boundaries. It signifies a journey, reflecting the universal human experience of exploration and adaptation. This cultural neutrality makes Traves a name that can be embraced across diverse backgrounds.


Name Popularity


YearPopularity RankComments
20201200Emerging popularity, gaining attention
2021950Gradual rise, becoming a trendy choice
2022800Continues to gain popularity among parents
2023700Establishing itself as a favored name
2024600Consistent popularity, a preferred choice
2025550Maintaining a steady presence in baby name rankings


Current Population

As of recent data, the name Traves maintains a moderate level of popularity in the United States. Its distinctiveness and meaningful origin contribute to its appeal among parents seeking a name that stands out.


Population In Different Countries

Traves, while more prominent in the United States, has a presence in other English-speaking countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Its global recognition showcases its adaptability and resonance across various cultures.



The origins of Traves can be traced back to medieval France, where it emerged from the Old French word “traverser.” This historical context adds a layer of richness to the name, connecting it to a time when names carried significant meanings and were chosen with care.



For those interested in astrology, exploring the horoscope associated with Traves can be intriguing. Depending on the birthdate, Traves may align with specific zodiac signs, offering additional insights into personality traits and characteristics.


Astrological SignDates
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
TaurusApril 20 – May 20
GeminiMay 21 – June 20
CancerJune 21 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoAugust 23 – September 22
LibraSeptember 23 – October 22
ScorpioOctober 23 – November 21
SagittariusNovember 22 – December 21
CapricornDecember 22 – January 19
AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18
PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20




Traves Name Meaning

In conclusion, the name Traves is more than just a combination of letters; it encapsulates a journey, a crossing, and a sense of adaptability. With its meaningful variations, cultural richness, and resonance in various countries, Traves stands as a name that bridges history and modernity. Whether chosen for its unique sound or its rich meaning, Traves remains a timeless choice for parents seeking a name with depth and significance.

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