Rizwan Name Meaning In Urdu

Rizwan Name Meaning In Urdu

رضوان نام کا مطلب عربی زبان سے حاصل ہوتا ہے اور یہ ایک خوبصورت معنی رکھتا ہے۔ یہ عربی الفاظ “رزق” سے نکلا ہوا ہے جو “تسلی” یا “خوشی” کا مطلب رکھتا ہے۔ رضوان کا تشریح کی جا سکتی ہے “وہ شخص جو خوش ہو” یا “وہ شخص جو مطمئن ہو“۔ یہ نام مثبت مفہوم رکھتا ہے اور باطنی امن اور خوشی کو ظاہر کرتا ہے۔

MeaningOne who is pleased
Lucky StoneEmerald
Lucky MetalCopper
Lucky DayFriday
Lucky Number6
Lucky ColorGreen


Rizwan Name Meaning In English


The name Rizwan holds a significant place in various cultures and religions around the world. It is a name that carries deep meaning and symbolism. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the name Rizwan, including its meaning, religious significance, famous personalities associated with the name, historical background, current population, astrological sign, lucky stone, lucky metal, lucky day, lucky number, lucky color, and conclude with a summary of its overall significance.


The name Rizwan has its roots in the Arabic language and holds a beautiful meaning. It is derived from the Arabic word “Rizq,” which means “satisfaction” or “contentment.” Rizwan can be interpreted as “one who is pleased” or “one who is satisfied.” The name carries a positive connotation, symbolizing inner peace and happiness.


Rizwan is a name that is predominantly associated with the Islamic faith. In Islam, Rizwan is believed to be the name of the angel who guards the gates of heaven. The name is mentioned in the Quran, the holy book of Islam, and holds great significance for Muslims around the world.

Famous Personality

One of the most famous personalities associated with the name Rizwan is Rizwan Manji, a Canadian actor of Indian descent. He has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, gaining recognition for his talent and versatility. Rizwan Manji has contributed significantly to the entertainment industry and has become an inspiration for aspiring actors.


The history of the name Rizwan can be traced back to ancient times. It has been used for centuries, and its popularity has endured through generations. The name has been passed down from parents to their children, symbolizing the values and traditions of their respective cultures.

Currently Population

As of the latest available data, the exact population of individuals named Rizwan is difficult to determine. However, it is a widely used name in various countries, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other parts of the world with significant Muslim populations. The name Rizwan continues to be popular among Muslim families, reflecting its enduring appeal.

Astrological Sign

According to astrology, individuals born under the name Rizwan are associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign known for its practicality, determination, and loyalty. People born under this sign are often reliable, patient, and hardworking, traits that align with the meaning of the name Rizwan.

Astrological SignDates
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
TaurusApril 20 – May 20
GeminiMay 21 – June 20
CancerJune 21 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoAugust 23 – September 22
LibraSeptember 23 – October 22
ScorpioOctober 23 – November 21
SagittariusNovember 22 – December 21
CapricornDecember 22 – January 19
AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18
PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20

Lucky Stone

The lucky stone associated with the name Rizwan is the Emerald. Emerald is a precious gemstone known for its vibrant green color and is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and harmony to those who wear it. It is said to enhance the positive qualities associated with the name Rizwan, such as contentment and satisfaction.

Lucky Metal

The lucky metal associated with the name Rizwan is Copper. Copper is known for its conductivity and durability. It is believed to bring positive energy and good fortune to individuals associated with the name Rizwan.

Lucky Day

The lucky day associated with the name Rizwan is Friday. Friday is considered a sacred day in Islam and holds special significance for Muslims. It is a day of congregational prayer and reflection, symbolizing unity and spiritual growth.

Lucky Number

Lucky Number

The lucky number associated with the name Rizwan is 6. The number 6 is believed to represent harmony, balance, and compassion. Individuals associated with this number are often caring, responsible, and nurturing.

Lucky Color

The lucky color associated with the name Rizwan is Green. Green is a color that symbolizes growth, renewal, and abundance. It is believed to bring a sense of calmness and tranquility to individuals associated with the name Rizwan.


Rizwan name meaning in urdu

The name Rizwan holds deep meaning and significance in various aspects of life. Its Arabic origin, religious associations, and positive connotations make it a popular choice for Muslim families. The name Rizwan represents contentment, satisfaction, and inner peace. It is associated with the angel who guards the gates of heaven in Islam. With its historical background, famous personalities, and astrological connections, the name Rizwan continues to be cherished and celebrated by individuals around the world.

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