Jasim Name Meaning In Urdu

Jasim Name Meaning In Urdu


نام جاسم کا عربی اصل ہے اور عام طور پر اس کا مطلب “بہادر” یا “ہمت والا” ہوتا ہے۔ یہ نام طاقت اور بے خوفی کی تشہیر کرتا ہے، جس سے یہ نام طاقت اور مضبوطی کا اظہار کرتا ہے۔


Lucky ColorRed
Lucky GemRuby
Lucky DayTuesday
Lucky MetalIron
Lucky Number9


Jasim Name Meaning In English



The name Jasim is a name that carries a rich history and significance. From its meaning to its association with various aspects of life, the name Jasim has intrigued many over the years. In this article, we will delve into the meaning, religious significance, famous personalities associated with the name, its historical roots, current population, astrological sign, and various lucky attributes associated with the name Jasim.



The name Jasim has its origins in Arabic and is often interpreted to mean “brave” or “courageous.” It carries with it the connotation of strength and fearlessness, making it a name that exudes power and resilience.



In the Islamic faith, the name Jasim holds a special place. It is often chosen for its meaning, as bravery and courage are virtues highly regarded in Islamic teachings. The name is also found in other cultures with Islamic influence, such as in South Asia and parts of the Middle East.


Famous Personality

One of the most notable personalities bearing the name Jasim is Jasim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family. He has been involved in various initiatives and has played a significant role in the development of Qatar.



The history of the name Jasim can be traced back through various cultures and regions. It has been a popular name in Arabic-speaking countries for centuries, and its significance has been passed down through generations.


Currently Population

The name Jasim continues to be popular in regions with Arabic and Islamic influence. It is commonly found in countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the Middle East and South Asia.


Astrological Sign

For those named Jasim, their astrological sign may vary depending on their date of birth. However, individuals with this name may fall under the astrological signs of Aries or Scorpio, depending on their birthdate.


Astrological SignDates
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
TaurusApril 20 – May 20
GeminiMay 21 – June 20
CancerJune 21 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoAugust 23 – September 22
LibraSeptember 23 – October 22
ScorpioOctober 23 – November 21
SagittariusNovember 22 – December 21
CapricornDecember 22 – January 19
AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18
PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20


Lucky Stone

The lucky stone associated with the name Jasim is the ruby. This precious gemstone is believed to bring good fortune and positive energy to those who bear the name.


Lucky Metal

The lucky metal associated with the name Jasim is iron. Iron is known for its strength and durability, reflecting the qualities of bravery and resilience that the name embodies.


Lucky Day

The lucky day for individuals named Jasim is Tuesday. This day is associated with Mars, the planet of strength and courage, aligning with the meaning of the name.


Lucky Number

The lucky number for those named Jasim is 9. This number is often associated with wisdom, leadership, and a strong sense of purpose.


Lucky Color

The lucky color for individuals named Jasim is red. This vibrant and bold color symbolizes passion, energy, and vitality, reflecting the courageous nature of the name.



Jasim Name Meaning In Urdu

In conclusion, the name Jasim holds deep meaning and significance across various aspects of life. From its roots in Arabic to its association with bravery and courage, the name has left an indelible mark on history and continues to be cherished by many. Whether it’s through its religious significance, historical prominence, or astrological attributes, the name Jasim remains a powerful and revered name for many around the world.

Jasim Name Meaning In Urdu

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