Furqan Name Meaning In Urdu

Furqan Name Meaning In Urdu


“فرقان” نام مختلف جماعتوں اور معاشرتوں میں عمق کی اہمیت رکھتا ہے۔ اس کا معنی، تاریخی اہمیت، اور خوش قسمتی اور روحانیت سے تعلق اس نام کو دنیا بھر کے افراد اور برادریوں کے دلوں میں گہری بات بناتا ہے۔ چاہے یہ شخصی نام ہو یا الہی رہنمائی کا نشان، “فرقان” بہت سے لوگوں کو متاثر کرتا ہے اور ان کے لئے اہمیت رکھتا ہے۔

MeaningCriterion, Distinction
Lucky StoneSapphire
Lucky MetalSilver
Lucky DayWednesday
Lucky Number3
Lucky ColorBlue




The name “Furqan” holds a rich history and deep significance in various cultures and religions. In this article, we will explore the meaning, religious connotations, famous personalities, historical significance, current population, astrological aspects, and the various lucky attributes associated with the name “Furqan.”



The name “Furqan” has its origins in Arabic and holds the meaning of “criterion” or “distinction.” It is derived from the Arabic word “furqan,” which signifies the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and falsehood. The name embodies the qualities of discernment, wisdom, and the ability to make clear distinctions.




In Islamic tradition, “Furqan” is one of the attributes of the Quran, referring to the divine book as the ultimate criterion that distinguishes between right and wrong. The name holds great significance for Muslims, symbolizing the guidance and clarity provided by the Quran.


Famous Personality

One of the notable personalities bearing the name “Furqan” is Furqan Qureshi, a renowned Pakistani actor known for his versatile performances in television dramas. His portrayal of diverse characters has earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim in the entertainment industry.



The historical significance of the name “Furqan” can be traced back to ancient Arabic and Islamic civilizations, where it was revered for its association with discernment and clarity. Throughout history, individuals named “Furqan” have been admired for their wisdom and ability to distinguish truth from falsehood.


Currently Population

The name “Furqan” continues to be prevalent in various regions with significant Muslim populations, including countries in the Middle East, South Asia, and beyond. Its usage persists as a testament to its enduring cultural and religious significance.


Astrological Sign


For individuals named “Furqan,” the astrological sign of Virgo is believed to hold particular significance. Virgos are often associated with traits such as analytical thinking, attention to detail, and a strong sense of discernment, aligning with the meaning of the name “Furqan.”


Astrological SignDates
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
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CancerJune 21 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoAugust 23 – September 22
LibraSeptember 23 – October 22
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SagittariusNovember 22 – December 21
CapricornDecember 22 – January 19
AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18
PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20


Lucky Stone, Metal, Day, Number, and Color

The name “Furqan” is associated with the lucky stone of sapphire, which symbolizes wisdom, truth, and spiritual clarity. The metal linked to the name is silver, reflecting the qualities of purity and insight. Individuals named “Furqan” are believed to have a special affinity for Wednesdays, with the number 3 considered auspicious. The color blue is regarded as lucky for those bearing the name “Furqan,” representing depth, truth, and wisdom.




Furqan Name Meaning In Urdu
In conclusion, the name “Furqan” carries profound significance across various aspects of culture, religion, and astrology. Its meaning, historical importance, and association with luck and spirituality make it a name that resonates deeply with individuals and communities around the world. Whether as a personal name or a symbol of divine guidance, “Furqan” continues to inspire and hold meaning for many.

Furqan Name Meaning In Urdu

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