Asadullah Name Meaning In Urdu

Asadullah Name Meaning In Urdu


اسداللہ کا نام عربی اصل کا ہے اور اس کا مطلب “اللہ کا شیر” یا “اللہ کا شیر” ہے۔ یہ طاقت، ہمت اور روحانیت کے گہرے تعلق کو ظاہر کرتا ہے، جو شیر کی نیک خصوصیات اور اللہ کی عزت کو ظاہر کرتا ہے۔


Lucky ColorGold
Lucky GemRuby
Lucky DaySunday
Lucky MetalGold
Lucky Number1


Asadullah Name Meaning In English



The name Asadullah is a beautiful and meaningful name that carries a rich history and significance. In this article, we will explore the meaning, religious significance, famous personalities associated with the name, its historical roots, current population, astrological sign, as well as the lucky stone, metal, day, number, and color associated with it.



The name Asadullah is of Arabic origin, with “Asad” meaning “lion” and “Allah” meaning “God.” Therefore, the name Asadullah translates to “Lion of God” or “Lion belonging to God.” It carries a powerful and noble connotation, symbolizing strength, courage, and a deep connection to spirituality.



In Islamic tradition, the name Asadullah holds great significance. Lions are often associated with strength and bravery, and the combination of “Asad” with “Allah” emphasizes a strong connection to God. The name reflects the qualities of a courageous and devout individual, and it is highly regarded within the Islamic faith.


Famous Personality

One of the most famous personalities associated with the name Asadullah is Asadullah Khan Ghalib, a renowned Urdu and Persian poet during the Mughal Empire in India. His lyrical and profound poetry continues to be celebrated for its depth of emotion and philosophical insights. Asadullah Khan Ghalib’s contribution to literature has left an indelible mark, and his name continues to be revered by poetry enthusiasts around the world.



The name Asadullah has a long and illustrious history, with its roots deeply embedded in Arabic and Islamic cultures. It has been used for centuries, reflecting the admiration for the qualities of a lion and the reverence for God. The name has been passed down through generations, carrying with it a sense of honor and strength.


Currently Population

The name Asadullah is prevalent in various regions across the world, particularly in countries with significant Muslim populations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and other parts of the Middle East. It is also found among Muslim communities in other countries, contributing to its widespread usage and recognition.


Astrological Sign

Individuals named Asadullah born between July 23 and August 22 fall under the astrological sign of Leo. Leos are known for their confidence, leadership qualities, and strong-willed nature, aligning with the powerful symbolism of the name Asadullah.


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Lucky Stone

The lucky stone associated with the name Asadullah is the Ruby. Rubies are known for their vibrant red color and are believed to bring prosperity, success, and protection to the wearer. It is a stone that symbolizes passion and strength, resonating with the characteristics embodied by the name Asadullah.


Lucky Metal

The lucky metal for individuals named Asadullah is Gold. Gold has long been associated with wealth, luxury, and divine significance. It is a metal that represents strength, purity, and enduring value, reflecting the noble qualities encapsulated in the name Asadullah.


Lucky Day

The lucky day for individuals named Asadullah is Sunday. Sunday is associated with the Sun, symbolizing vitality, leadership, and positivity. It is a day that embodies energy and ambition, aligning with the strong and courageous attributes of the name Asadullah.


Lucky Number

The lucky number for individuals named Asadullah is 1. The number 1 signifies new beginnings, leadership, and individuality. It represents strength and determination, reflecting the powerful essence of the name Asadullah.


Lucky Color

The lucky color associated with the name Asadullah is Gold. Gold is a color that exudes warmth, richness, and elegance. It symbolizes success, prosperity, and divine blessings, resonating with the noble qualities embodied by the name Asadullah.



Asadullah Name Meaning In Urdu

In conclusion, the name Asadullah holds deep significance, representing strength, courage, and a profound connection to spirituality. Its historical roots, religious importance, and association with famous personalities contribute to its enduring appeal. With its widespread usage and recognition, the name Asadullah continues to inspire and evoke a sense of honor and nobility. Individuals bearing this name are believed to embody the qualities of a lion, symbolizing bravery, resilience, and a strong devotion to God.


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