Allah Name Meaning In Urdu & 99 Name OF Allah

Allah Name Meaning In Urdu





The name of Allah in the Urdu language is “اللہ” (Allah). It is one of the sacred names in the Islamic faith and holds great significance for Muslims. Allah’s name is a central point of the teachings of Islam.


The meaning of Allah’s name is “The Greatest” or “The Lord of All.” This name signifies the immense greatness and power of Allah. The usage of Allah’s name in Urdu is a symbol of faith for Muslims.


Allah’s name is mentioned in the Quran along with 99 other names, collectively known as “Asma-ul-Husna” or “The Beautiful Names of Allah.” These names represent the special attributes of Allah.


Here are the 99 names of Allah:



Serial NumberArabic NameUrdu MeaningEnglish Meaning
1الرحمنرحم کرنے والاThe Most Gracious
2الرحيممہربانThe Most Merciful
3الملكبادشاہThe King
4القدوسپاکThe Holy
5السلامسلامتیThe Source of Peace
6المؤمنایمان والاThe Guardian of Faith
7المهيمنحفاظت کرنے والاThe Protector
8العزيزعزت والاThe Mighty
9الجبارزبردستThe Compeller
10المتكبرغرور والاThe Majestic
11الخالقخالقThe Creator
12البارئپیدا کرنے والاThe Originator
13المصورصورت بنانے والاThe Fashioner
14الغفاربخشنے والاThe Ever-Forgiving
15القهارغالبThe All-Prevailing
16الوهاببہت دینے والاThe Bestower
17الرزاقرزق دینے والاThe Provider
18الفتاحکامیابThe Opener
19العليمعلم والاThe All-Knowing
20القابضقابو کرنے والاThe Restrainer
21الباسطپھیلانے والاThe Extender
22الخافضنیچے لانے والاThe Abaser
23الرافعاوپر لانے والاThe Raiser
24المعزعزت دینے والاThe Honorer
25المذلذلیل کرنے والاThe Humiliator
26السميعسننے والاThe All-Hearing
27البصيردیکھنے والاThe All-Seeing
28الحكمحکمت والاThe Judge
29العدلانصاف والاThe Just
30اللطيفلطف والاThe Subtle
31الخبيرخبر رکھنے والاThe All-Aware
32الحليمصبر والاThe Forbearing
33العظيمعظمت والاThe Magnificent
34الغفوربخشنے والاThe All-Forgiving
35الشكورشکر کرنے والاThe Appreciative
36العليعالیThe Most High
37الكبيربڑاThe Great
38الحفيظحفاظت کرنے والاThe Preserver
39المقيتروزی دینے والاThe Nourisher
40الحسيبحساب لينے والاThe Reckoner
41الجليلعزت والاThe Majestic
42الكريمکرم کرنے والاThe Generous
43الرقيبنگرانThe Watchful
44المجيبجواب دینے والاThe Responsive
45الواسعوسعت دینے والاThe All-Encompassing
46الحكيمحکمت والاThe Wise
47الودودمحبت کرنے والاThe Loving
48المجيدعظمت والاThe Glorious
49الباعثبیدار کرنے والاThe Resurrector
50الشهيدگواہThe Witness
51الحقسچاThe Truth
52الوكيلسپردگارThe Trustee
53القويمضبوطThe Strong
54المتينمستحکمThe Firm
55الوليدوستThe Friend
56الحميدحمد والاThe Praiseworthy
57المحصيحساب کرنے والاThe Accountant
58المبدئآغاز کرنے والاThe Originator
59المعيددوبارہ لانے والاThe Restorer
60المحييزندہ کرنے والاThe Giver of Life
61المميتمارنے والاThe Taker of Life
62الحيزندہThe Ever-Living
63القيومقائم رکھنے والاThe Self-Sustaining
64الواجدپانے والاThe Finder
65الماجدعظمت والاThe Glorious
66الواحدایکThe Unique
67الاحدبے نیازThe Indivisible
68الصمدبے نیازThe Eternal
69القادرطاقت والاThe All-Powerful
70المقتدرقدرت والاThe Omnipotent
71المقدمپیش رکھنے والاThe Expediter
72المؤخرپیچھے کرنے والاThe Delayer
73الأولپہلاThe First
74الأخرآخریThe Last
75الظاهرظاہرThe Manifest
76الباطنباطنThe Hidden
77الواليحامیThe Patron
78المتعاليبلندThe Sublime
79البرنیکThe Benefactor
80التوابتوبہ قبول کرنے والاThe Acceptor of Repentance
81المنتقمبدلہ لینے والاThe Avenger
82العفوبخششThe Pardoner
83الرؤوفنرمی والاThe Kind
84مالك الملكبادشاہی کا مالکThe Owner of All Sovereignty
85ذو الجلال والإكرامعظمت و عزت والاThe Lord of Majesty and Bounty
86المقسطانصاف کرنے والاThe Equitable
87الجامعجمع کرنے والاThe Gatherer
88الغنيغنیThe Self-Sufficient
89المغنيغنی کرنے والاThe Enricher
90المانعروکنے والاThe Withholder
91الضارنقصان پہنچانے والاThe Distressor
92النافعفائدہ دینے والاThe Benefactor
93النورروشنیThe Light
94الهاديراہ دکھانے والاThe Guide
95البديعبے مثالThe Incomparable
96الباقيہمیشہ رہنے والاThe Everlasting
97الوارثوارثThe Inheritor
98الرشيدہدایت کرنے والاThe Righteous Teacher
99الصبورصبر کرنے والاThe Patient One




The usage of Allah’s names is a part of worship for Muslims. They recite, remember, and recite these names to seek closeness to Allah and understand His greatness.


The usage of Allah’s names serves as a means for Muslims to turn towards Allah and comprehend His magnificence. These names remind them of how Allah is the greatest and all-powerful, knowing everything.


The usage of Allah’s names is also a way for Muslims to incorporate His teachings into their daily lives. These names remind them of how to attain Allah’s pleasure and how to follow His commandments.



Allah name meaning in urdu

The name of Allah holds great importance in the Urdu language. The usage of Allah’s names is a symbol of faith for Muslims and guides them towards seeking closeness to Allah and living their lives according to His teachings. Muslims strive to remember and utilize these names to live in accordance with Allah’s will.

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